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NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
astrofork of René Wagner2022-11-13 17:58
awesome-geminiA collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem. Krispin Schulz2022-10-04 12:21
cgmnlmgemini line mode browser - colorful & extended fork of René Wagner2022-08-18 18:10
devshortprivate self-hosted shortlink service René Wagner2022-01-03 19:12
geminispace.infosearch provider for gemini space René Wagner2022-11-20 11:10
gmn.clttr.infosource of gemini capsule René Wagner2022-11-13 18:22
gmnifaqFAQ-engine for cgi-enabled gemini servers René Wagner2021-04-19 19:06
gusmobilegemini client library for Python René Wagner2022-08-06 13:16
lantoolein feines Tool für LANs René Wagner2019-01-03 20:47
orrgonline rss & atom feed reader for gemini (cgi script) René Wagner2022-04-11 17:13
photo-helperscollection of small Perl scripts with some useful file management functions for photographers René Wagner2022-11-06 16:57
photo-statsterminal statistics processor about your photographic habits René Wagner2021-09-03 19:55
rawfilewizardWindows GUI tool thats helps you manage your raw files and sidecar files from raw converters like SilkyPix René Wagner2019-09-28 11:18
stagitfork of René Wagner2022-10-26 17:48
worktimeheroleichtgewichtige Zeiterfassung René Wagner2022-01-02 18:56