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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -42,6 +42,25 @@ no arguments takes you to **: More coming. +### Configuration + +You can setup a config file at `~/.config/astro/astro.conf` to configure *astro* the way you like. + +The file uses a simple `key=value` style, see the complete example for the default values below. The `style-` keys must be ANSI style codes. + +``` +margin=8 +style-header1=35;4;1 +style-header2=35;1 +style-header3=35;4 +style-quote=2;3 +style-link-bullet=33 +style-link-text=36;3 +style-list-bullet=35;1 +style-list-text=0 +``` + ## Meta This software is a work in progress and may not work as it is intended to.