A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ Repo mirrors: - [Jetforce]( (Python) - built-in static file server with support for gemini directories and CGI scripts. - [warmuuh/jemini]( - dual gemini/http server on top of jetty with spring-boot integration - [levior]( (Python) - HTTP to Gemini gateway, allowing you to browse regular websites with any Gemini client +- [Loxy]( (C#) - Gemini to HTTP proxy, exposes any capsule to the web as stylable HTML (based on the Opal library). - [Lupa Pona]( (Perl) - simple single directory Gemini server. - [Marami]( (Prolog) - server written in Prolog. - [Molly Brown]( (Go) - full-featured Gemini server implemented in Go.