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Author: Natalie Pendragon <>
Date:   Tue, 30 Jun 2020 08:54:40 -0400

[serve] Add backlinks news and documentation

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diff --git a/serve/templates/about.gmi b/serve/templates/about.gmi @@ -55,3 +55,11 @@ There is a button at the top of each search results page to toggle verbose mode Note that verbose mode is sticky, and will persist between pages of results results, so you will need to manually toggle verbose mode off when you are finished with it. {% include 'fragments/footer.gmi' %} + +### Backlinks + +For a given page in Geminispace, backlinks are all the other pages in Geminispace that link to that page. When viewing GUS search results in verbose mode, a link to view each result's backlinks, if there any, will be provided. + +The URL structure for retrieving a certain URL's backlinks page is predictable, should you want to link directly to it in other contexts. All you need to do is URL encode the entire URL you want information on, then pass that as a query to gemini:// An example follows: + +=> gemini:// diff --git a/serve/templates/news.gmi b/serve/templates/news.gmi @@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ ## News +### 2020-06-30 +Added support for viewing backlinks to pages. You can find this functionality on search result pages when in verbose mode. If GUS knows of pages linking to a given result (a.k.a., a "backlink"), it will add an option to view those backlinks. This comes on the heels of some interesting discussion regarding tracking replies in Geminispace, and could open the door to some novel functionality built on top of this feature - e.g. the ability to "subscribe" to updates to your own posts, and if a new backlink is discovered, it could notify you somehow. Alternatively, since the URL structure to reach a given page's backlinks page is predictable, one could also simply place a link on content pages to their corresponding GUS backlinks page, which readers could navigate to after reading, to find related content to read. As always, documentation for this new feature can be found on the about page. A number of small changes to verbose mode also went out with this release - in particular, there is now a button on search result pages to toggle verbose mode, so you don't need to muck around with the URL manually to toggle it, and verbose mode is now sticky between search result pages when using the previous/first/next page links at the bottom. + ### 2020-06-12 Added size of pages to each result, so users can see how much network bandwidth would be involved in following each link. Size is also provided as a valid query search filter now. Documentation for filtering by size can be found on the advanced searching section of the about page!