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Date:   Thu, 21 May 2020 16:07:42 -0400

[serve] Update documentation on filters

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diff --git a/gus/ b/gus/ @@ -107,6 +107,10 @@ def _render_news(): news_items = [ { "date": "2020-05-21", + "content": "Added ability to search and filter by domain. Documentation for this feature can be found on the advanced searching section of the about page!", + }, + { + "date": "2020-05-21", "content": "Added contextual highlights from result pages' content directly to GUS search results pages. This should give a nice preview of what to expect if you click through to the result!", }, { @@ -179,20 +183,27 @@ def index(request): "", "# Advanced Searching", "", - "## Content Types" - "", - "To improve the quality of your search results, you can use the following syntax to limit your results to specific content types:", + "## Filters", "", - "<a search query> content_type:<a content type>", + "To improve the quality of your search results, you can apply filters to constrain your search results in various dimensions. The currently implemented filters are:", + "* content_type", + "* domain", "", - "You can specify a general content type, like `audio`, or a more specific one like `audio/mp3`.", + "To filter by one of these, simply add it to your query followed by a colon, and the value you wish to filter by. Some examples of doing so follow.", "", - "You can find the full list of extant content types on the statistics page, but here are a few example content type queries to get you started:", "=> /search?content_type:application/pdf application/pdf", "=> /search?content_type:audio audio", "=> /search?content_type:image/jpeg image/jpeg", "=> /search?content_type:input input", "", + "=> /search?domain:circumlunar domain:circumlunar", + "=> /search?contextual%20domain:gus contextual domain:gus", + "", + "For further inspiration on how to use these filters, you can visit both GUS' list of known hosts, as well as GUS' list of known content_types on the statistics page.", + "", + "=> /known-hosts GUS Known Hosts (with list of domains)", + "=> /statistics GUS statistics (with list of content_types)", + "", "## Verbose Mode", "", "To allow greater insight into both how pages are ranking against each other, as well as when GUS crawled their content, you can enable verbose mode on any search results page. This will show the numerical score of each search result for the given query, as well as the exact time that page was crawled.",